Here is what Diagnostic Pain Center patients in Austin are saying: 

Hannibal Khalifa Reviews

Dr. Marks is probably my favorite Doctor I have ever had. The guy is down to earth, compassionate, understanding, incredibly intelligent, and best of all he is honest.

Andrea Wilson Reviews

DPC is a totally comprehensive center. Dr. Marks and Charlotte really listen and develop a plan to suit your needs. I even recommended them to my husband who seems very pleased with their level of care. Thanks and kudos for all the staff!

Jenny Sawyer Reviews

I’ve suffered for years with the same pain. After multiple physicians, injections, physical therapy, chiropractors, and acupuncture, no one could detect the source of my pain or give me real relief. Then I found Dr. Rafii. In my first visit, he spent about 45 minutes with me going over my history and trying to understand my pain. For the first time, a physician took the time to really listen to me. He never seems like he’s in a rush to get to his next patient. Dr. Rafii is personable and knowledgeable and really seems to care. His staff is also professional, efficient, and friendly. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rafii and the Diagnostic Pain Center to anyone. I just wish I had found him a long time ago.

Heather Potter Reviews

Dr Marks is thorough. He listens carefully to what you have to say. He reminds you that you have a choice in your care. He explains everything in a way that makes it easy for you to understand so you can make informed decisions. He cares for his patients and answers messages on the portal quickly. I highly recommend him.

Cookie Marcus Reviews

Dr. Robert Marks cares! After my mother visited two other doctors, on a friend’s recommendation I brought her to see to Dr. Marks. And after taking the time to examine her and really talk to us, he was able to get to the root of her problem. Immediately, she felt complete relief. Dr. Marks is the best of the best!

Eleanor McDonald Reviews

I saw Dr. Raffi for ongoing nerve pain after a shingles outbreak. Dr. Raffi was very thorough discussing treatment options with me and was empathetic to my concerns about side effects of medication. He was also very attentive to my progress. I am grateful for his compassionate care.

John Eldred Reviews

Dr. Marks is very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. He takes the time to answer all your questions and explain exactly what is going on, so you feel confident in his offices’ care.

M. Sargent Reviews

Dr. Mark’s changed my life. After 12 years I finally found a doctor that took the time to get to the root of my problem and prescribe medications that work. After years of narcotics and doctors giving me prescriptions with no answers, I started to get depressed and thought I was on my own in this until now. My pain will never completely go away but at least I can enjoy life again. Thanks so much.

JP Thompson Reviews

Dr Rafii is an excellent physician–listens, explains things thoroughly, is very patient. He explains options and gives realistic expectations.