Spinal Discography: A Diagnostic Tool for Back Pain in Austin

A spinal discography is a diagnostic tool that is minimally invasive and helps doctors diagnose the source of back pain. It involves injecting a dye into the spinal disc to see if there are any oddities. During a lumbar provocative discography, the doctor will insert a needle into the center of a disc with the help of fluoroscopy, a type of X-ray that allows the doctor to see the needle in real-time. The doctor will then inject contrast dye into the disc. The dye will show up on an X-ray, so the doctor can see if the disc is causing the pain.

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If you have severe back pain, a discography may be helpful to see if a spinal disc is the source of your pain. This procedure is for those that have undergone non-surgical measures, such as physical therapy, and exercise. It is simply a diagnostic tool, not a treatment for back pain.

Treatments we do provide for back pain include:

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