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What is the Ilioinguinal Nerve?

Originating from the first low back (lumbar) spinal nerve, the ilioinguinal nerve wraps above the upper ridge of the hip bone (the iliac crest) and travels down into the groin. Its fibers are distributed to the skin and muscle, providing sensation to the groin, perineum and upper inner thigh.

Ilioinguinal Nerve Block - Austin

Damage can occur to this nerve in several ways, including trauma, infection and surgery. If injury occurs to this nerve, the individual may experience pain in the inner thigh region and groin area, (testes in men and the labia in women). This pain can be severe and patients often describe the intensity of pain as a sharp sensation.

Treating Ilioinguinal Nerve Pain

First line treatments for ilioinguinal nerve pain can include medications that are specifically for neuropathic pain, like ilioinguinal nerve damage. However, if oral pain medications do not provide adequate relief from symptoms, an ilioinguinal nerve block can be performed.

As its name implies, this treatment blocks the ilioinguinal nerve, impeding the nerve fibers that transmit the pain impulses. This effectively diminishes the pain and discomfort caused by the damaged nerve. An ilioinguinal nerve block is both a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, as it can be used to identify whether or not the ilioinguinal nerve is indeed the source of the problem.

How is an Ilioinguinal Nerve Block Performed?

During an ilioinguinal nerve block procedure, the patient will lie down on their back and the treatment area will be prepped with an antiseptic solution beforehand. A numbing agent will be injected into the treatment area to decrease patient discomfort during the treatment.

Once the local anesthetic has been given adequate time to take effect, the nerve block will be administered. Using x-ray guidance, your physician will accurately guide the needle to the ilioinguinal nerve and surrounding tissue where a mixture of numbing medication and anti-inflammatory (cortisone/steroid) is injected.

After the medication has been properly administered, pressure is applied to the injection site to help decrease any swelling or bruising. The steroid solution and local anesthetic should soothe the nerve and reduce inflammation and pain symptoms. A follow-up injection may be repeated if necessary.

Learn More About Ilioinguinal Nerve Block Treatment in Austin

If you are experiencing pain in the groin or thigh region, you could be suffering from Ilioinguinal Neuralgia (damage to the ilioinguinal nerve). At our Austin pain management clinic, we offer a variety of pain management solutions for a wide range of neuropathic pain problems. Call (512) 981-7246 to schedule an appointment and find out if you would benefit from ilioinguinal nerve block treatment in Austin.