Austin Neck Pain Treatment

The neck is a complex structure that is often the source of muscle soreness and tension. In fact, neck pain is a very common complaint among many of our Austin patients. Being the most flexible region of the spine, the neck can be more prone to injury from sports and accidents wherein the neck is overstretched or strained. However, neck pain can also arise from things like poor posture, sleeping wrong, stress and the natural aging process.

Austin Neck Pain Treatment

The neck is comprised of bones, muscles, nerves, veins, arteries, ligaments and other supporting structures. Neck pain can originate from any one of these structures, but can also occur due to issues with regions near the neck, like the shoulders, jaw, head or upper arms.

Causes of Neck Pain

In many cases, a patient will experience an injury that directly causes their neck pain. For other patients however, there may be no recognizable event that triggered their neck discomfort. The latter scenario is very common actually, and can be a result of some of the day-to-day activities and lifestyle habits mentioned above, such as muscle tension from stress or slouching at your desk all day. Neck pain can also be the result of other medical conditions such as arthritis, blood vessel damage, herniated discs or pressure on the spinal cord. Too much exercise or overexertion of the neck can also result in neck pain.

Treating Your Neck Pain

Your Austin neck pain treatment plan will depend largely on the source of your neck pain. Treating neck pain involves an individualized approach that takes into account your physical symptoms, potential causes, age, lifestyle, etc…

For some patients, eliminating neck pain can be a fix as simple as getting a better chair for work that facilitates better posture while you are working at your computer. Another component may be learning to adjust your posture when you stand and walk to evenly distribute the weight so that your neck is aligned correctly. If your neck pain is muscular in nature, therapies like massage, yoga, stretching exercises and hot baths may also be effective.

In most cases, neck pain is not a serious condition and can usually be relieved using conservative neck pain treatment methods such as physical therapy, pain medications, heat/ice application and other noninvasive methods. However, for some patients, severe or chronic neck pain may be indicative of an underlying condition that requires more extensive measures to control.

Patients whose neck pain emanates from issues like arthritis, facet joint syndrome, degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc can benefit from treatments like Epidural Steroid Injections or nerve blocks to help control pain. These treatments typically involve the injection of an anesthetic and a long-acting steroid into and around the spinal canal, targeting irritated spinal nerves that may be causing neck pain. In rare cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to effectively treat a patient with severe or chronic neck pain.

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