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Pain acute or chronic is unbearable, making your life more difficult than it has to be. Our team at Diagnostic Pain Center is dedicated to providing lasting, personalized treatments. We understand how every patient is different and each gets their custom tailored treatment plan to tackle their pain.

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Pain Management in Cedar Park by Robert Marks

Our pain management techniques are non-invasive and provide relief without surgery. Diagnostic Pain Center offers epidural steroid injections and other common joint injections to relieve back, neck, shoulder, knee, and hip pain. Our pain specialists are up to date with the latest treatments and techniques to treat acute and chronic pain. 

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Providing Superior Pain Management to the Austin Area

Our pain clinic is a recognized treatment center in Cedar Park. Our specialists provide the following procedures:

Effective & Lasting Pain Treatments by Diagnostic Pain Center

At Diagnostic Pain Center, our experienced team of physicians are experts in a wide variety of pain conditions and treatments. We won’t let any sports injury, orthopedic condition, or car accident control your life. Take your life back and schedule your appointment with us today.